An Unplanned Party for My Selves and I

It’s My Party

Well I thought I’d throw me a party, so I picked up some chips and beer
Then rented a mansion with a pool and a spa and parking in the rear
I reviewed my guest list later that night then bolted awake in fear
It seems I invited all of my selves and each replied they would be here.

Well, it’s been quite a while since my selves were together side by side
And that goes twice for my inner selves that frequently run and hide
Self-comedy, self-tragedy, self-loathing, love and pride
Self-pity came ‘a crashing in to remember the selves that died.

Strangely familiar and desperate, I seek solace in my festering brain,
Then travel down my secret self-path and expose my secret self-pain
I read about selves that speak of the sun, my selves speak only of rain
I dream about selves that are grounded, my selves are wild and insane.

These are the selves I carry through life, take them with me wherever I go
each one consuming a space in my soul, intimately “in the know”
strength rides shotgun and skeptic’s in back while sarcasm lingers below
constantly making it known to me – they are the selves I will never outgrow.

Seems I may have to edit the guest list, but I think I’m ok with the space
i’ll modify the invitations – don’t need a map to find my place
if you received my solicitation for time away from the same old rat race
just send the shadows of your lesser selves that my troubled selves can embrace.

We don’t want to come off as shallow by telling you and your selves how to be
but my selves and I were discussing it and have advice to offer for free
to find inner beauty put down the mirror purge your vain selves from vanity
and temper your selves self entitled; clear anger and greed; bring integrity.


Published by: AddiLib

Freelance writer and photographer. Aspiring web designer and Blogger. Like many artists, I'm still trying to figure out "what I want to be when I grow up". I am formally educated in law. Sadly, the corruptness of small town powers-that-be combined with the harsh reality of a tumor on my spine, extinguished my passion for the law, at least temporarily. Am I too old to still want to make a difference or does the thought of my own mortality mandate I do? Day by day, I try to live my life contributing to a legacy my children will be proud of.

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